How To Have A Best Day Possible, Everyday

Why haven’t I drinked alcohol or other drugs for 3 months and still counting…

Discover the ancient secrets of how to generate massive ground breaking Zen-master feel good states.

Read on how I completely eliminated need of alcohol at any situation what so ever. Steal these tricks.

Personally I’ve found the following products to make me feel like being in a absolute bliss and good feeling. Actions also shifted to more positive when the eating habits changed to more positive. I Recommend the following:

See also the underpart of this post to see more instructions & information.


iHerb Yogi Tea, Kava Stress Relief, Caffeine Free iHerb Special Extra DiscountKava Kava
Absolutely best thing to take before going out! Kava is “the social skills herb”. It’s also known as “social anxiety herb”. Kava herb is recognized for its ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness without compromising mental functions. Kava has mild intoxicating effect, which however is not the same as with alcohol. I recommend this highly, if you still haven’t yet tried Kava.

Produces euphoria and relaxation*. Using Kava you might get very talkative and sociable behavior, clear thinking, calmness, relaxed muscles, and a sense of well-being.

The point of Kava is that it makes the same state like alcohol – social, in the moment etc. But without side-effects of losing your evaluation ability and also NO HANGOVER! That’s why I recommend this highly on the topic of how to have a best day possible, everyday. Because you won’t be wasting your next day in hangovers anymore! You can actually normally go to gym or go running or go to work the next day after the bar & club nights. It’s beautiful to have this over alcohol which completely ruins your next day or days. It is unbelievable to know that Kava also has health promoting benefits on top of this.

How Kava works like alcohol? Kava kava contains kavalactones, which is the psychoactive substance responsible for making you feel euphoria / relaxation. They interact with the GABAA receptor, as is the case with alcohol.

I know many women who goes out and uses Kava Tea, this is their secret to be whole night in a great state while not using alcohol and being totally sober. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if RSD Tyler uses kava to be all the time in state while always being sober in the field.

Try out Kava tea and other stronger options also, Kava tea itself doesn’t have much Kalavactones – for stronger effect get capsules. Kava is also known as “the root of happiness”. Half the population of Vanuatu drink Kava root, and the recent international survey declared that Vanuatu’s people are the happiest on the earth.

Yogi Tea, Kava Stress Relief, Caffeine Free

And just got this the real deal Kava extract. Use it occasionally, or atleast keep breaks from it. Kava is not recommended for permanent everyday use!

Herb Pharm, Kava Extract

Eclectic Institute, Kava “Nakamal”, 425 mg Capsules contains Kalavactones almost 80 mg per capsule. This is one of the best kava products out there.

If you prefer some more options to feel the power of Kava, check Kava category for more options. Still too many people live in the illusion of alcohol, when there is a lot better natural options out there which are actually healthy. And I just feel so passionate about this that I must put this information forward. But don’t only take my word for it, try it yourself!

WARNING: do not EVER take Kava together with alcohol. There are rumours that it might lead to serious conditions… (even though I believe this is just a urban legend, even the Kava extracts has alcohol in them and people get no side-effects out of them) Kava is alcohol substitute, not a mixer. Also Kava might be banned in some countries because it is considered as such a powerful medicine & drug. “Kava is regulated in Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.” Were the only ones mentioned in Wikipedia, but you never know how accurate and up to date that information is. But nowadays Kava is legal atleast in USA, Canada and most of the Europe. In some countries Kava might be classified as a medicine, so you might want to check your local country policy.

You might have heard that Kava is toxic for the liver but that is actually not true for the real traditional kava which is made from root. Kava which is made from stems & leaves might be toxic, so just get the product which states to use root & rhizome. Tongan and Vanuatu people have used Kava almost daily for thousands of years and they are one of the healthiest people on the earth. You can read research about the safety of kava here.


Eureka! Berries, A SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend I feel this SuperBerry & SuperFruit blend getting into my brain and actually making me happy. Best stuff I've seen in a long time!Eureka! Berries, A SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend
With this I dont need to run to shop to get frozen berries every day, week or even every month. With this I always have in my home best superberries and superfruits in a all natural organic powder form. It’s so easy to add scoop of this in smoothies and then have 19 different berries & superfruits in my smoothies!

This also saves time and money, no need to anymore run multiple times in a week to supermarket to get frozen berries on my freezer. This also has many superfruits in this blend, which most supermarkets do not even sell(they are listed on the link below). I feel this delicious SuperBerry & SuperFruit blend getting into my brain and actually making me happy. Best stuff I’ve seen in a long time!

Madre Labs Eureka! Berries, A SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend


Madre Labs CafeCeps Praised by many as the best coffee on the planet!CafeCeps
Organic instant coffee with synergy creating medicinal mushrooms Reishi & Cordyceps. Praised by many as the best coffee on the planet! Mix scoop of this with Kava tea for mind shattering combination. Best for travellers, as you don’t need coffeemaker for this.

Madre Labs CafeCeps


Sun Warrior Ormus Supergreens
Best tasting healthy greens product on the market, take a spoon of Ormus Supergreens with coconut water and you are so pumped in great state that you won’t believe it. Get drunk without side effects, only positive health and state benefits!

This organic super green food is grown in fertile mineral rich volcanic soil that contains very high amounts of Platinum, Gold and Nano Minerals. Which is making it outstandingly high on minerals and nutrients.
Sun Warrior Ormus Supergreens Is Cheapest from iHerb Worldwide
Ormus Supergreens has STEVIA and Peppermint added in this greens product, that’s why it tastes SO GOOD. Use this to make your green smoothies sweet tasty, all naturally!

Cheapest place to get Sun Warrior Ormus Supergreens is iHerb, worldwide.

Sun Warrior, Ormus Supergreens

Another great greens powder product is Midori Greens. It includes in highly concentrated form: marine phytoplankton, chlorella, ashitaba, japanese matcha green tea, beet juice powder and a lot more. One of the best green powders to mix it up along with Ormus Supergreens. These products have become a hit in the Real Social Dynamics community. Either of these green powders last up to 1-2 months in daily use.


Cocoa drink with “The mushroom of immortality”. Organic instant cocoa beverage with Reishi & Cordyceps, definately most awesome tasting and state pumping drink to have. High quality cacao and micronized medicinal mushroom powders in the same product. Either to make a hot cocoa or to mix in smoothies. Great coffee substitute. Sweeten with stevia/raw organic honey.

Madre Labs CocoCeps


Madre Labs CocoCardioCocoCardio
Organic instant cocoa beverage with Beetroot powder & Hibiscus extract. I get the most most unbelievable energy spike from this!! Mix this with CafeCeps and drink before going out. WOW!

Why CocoCardio is great? Because cacao contains serotonin and beetroot makes your body produce more serotonin. So that makes this one of the most state-boosting drinks in the world. And if you live in warm country you will be glad that there is Hibiscus in this mix because hibiscus makes your body more cool. Hibiscus tea is the trick what people use on warm countries to not feel the warmth so badly. All in all, one of the best most useful products out there with countless benefits. Try it, sweeten it with stevia/raw organic honey or mix to smoothies.

Madre Labs CocoCardio


Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf Liquid SteviaStevia
To make life sweet. The healthy and natural way!

Btw. Stevia is not artificial sweetener. It’s completely natural and safe. I’ve seen many people referring stevia to the artificial sweeteners… It’s nothing even close to them.

I used to use this Vanilla flavor liquid Stevia.

Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Vanilla

But now got Peppermint flavor Stevia which is A LOT BETTER than Vanilla stevia IMO. Beautiful scent & taste. I recommend this highly, GET THIS!

Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf, Liquid Stevia, Peppermint

Or check iHerb Stevia category to find Stevia product which suits best for you.


Madre-C Vitamin C delicious blend of world’s supreme vitamin C content berries. Best whole food nature source of natural vitamin C. And overall one of the best value Vitamin C products out there.Madre-C Vitamin C
In my experience Vitamin C product is a must for your feel good state. Having enough Vitamin C daily is something I cannot explain, it changes the whole you. With enough Vitamin C everything works better, I feel it creates synergy to everything. I have felt that with Vitamin C, I recover faster from training, grow and repair better. This is a delicious blend of world’s supreme vitamin C content berries. Best whole food nature source of natural vitamin C. And overall this is one of the best value for money Vitamin C products out there. Highly recommended!

Madre Labs Madre-C Vitamin C


Eclectic Institute Organic Gotu KolaGotu Kola
Gotu Kola has been given a title “Source of Life”. Makes you icy present, mental clarity and improves brain cognitive abilities making you absolutely awesome. I see Gotu Kola definately making my social skills function better. Also known as Brahmi.

Eclectic Institute, Organic, Gotu Kola


Ashwagandha is Best known as male virility tonic and state booster. Has a title King of herbs. Enhances serotonin production.Best known as a male virility tonic and state booster. Has a title King of herbs. Enhances serotonin production, making us feel more happy.

In my experience Ashwagandha and Maca together works crazy well as a aphrodisiac, offer your date a smoothie including these superfoods and you might see something interesting happening…

Good quality & cheap Ashwagandha capsules:
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha extract to add in smoothies:
Eclectic Institute, Ashwagandha


HealthForce Nutritionals MacaForceMaca
Mental focus and emotional balance, improves drastically male and women sex drive. In my experience enhances a lot training potential and muscle gain.

Most high quality Maca product:
HealthForce Nutritionals, MacaForce

If you prefer something cheaper check this, or this really good Maca Velvet booster extract. Includes Tongat Ali + New Zealand Antler Velvet to enhance testosterone production.


Raw Cacao
Food of the Gods. Contains serotonin, making you feel awesome! Raw real 100% cacao makes you go in absolutely true bliss. High good state promoting stimulant.
Artisana, 100% Organic Raw Cacao Bliss
High quality raw 100% cocoa powder to add in smoothies:
Navitas Naturals, Cacao Powder, Raw Chocolate Powder

So GOOD tasting that you will be in CACAO BLISS:
Artisana, 100% Organic Raw Cacao Bliss


Coconut oil
Artisana, Coconut Oil, Extra VirginYou get great energy from this to go long nights. Coconut Oil is a fat that causes weight loss. One of the healthiest foods on the planet. Coconut oil is the most abundant natural source of lauric acid, which you basically only get from brest milk. Lauric acid is one of the things which makes you feel so great after taking coconut oil. It’s like as a kids, kids are so happy because they get brest milk. Coconut oil is absolutely crucial to be in a glass jar. Do not get plastic packaged coconut oil.

Coconut oil is highly antiviral, killing all the unwanted bacteria and also it potentially neutralizes sperm – making it the best sexual lubricant(which is tasty and nutritious) but WARNING: any oil based lubricants WILL BREAK latex condoms, so I strongly do NOT recommend using it if you use latex condoms. And obviously don’t go to have coconut oil lubricated sex without condom after this. ALWAYS use condom as its the only way to minimize chance of getting STD’s and pregnancy.

Artisana, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin


Medicinal mushrooms. Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps

Mushroom Science Reishi Super StrengthReishi #1 medicinal mushroom on the planet. Most well-known tonic mushroom in the world. Reishi is RSD Tyler’s favorite supplements, along with Turmeric and Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil. Reishi is known as “The mushroom of immortality”. This is one of the highest quality Reishi mushroom products out there.

Mushroom Science, Reishi

Chaga mushroom has highest known orac number / antioxidant value in the world with it’s 52,452 ORAC value. Chaga is the true game changer when it comes to immunity. My personal experience: 3 years of self-harvested wild chaga mushroom tea consuming behind, 0 days sick behind. Chaga is great for guys like RSD Tyler, people who travel & go out a lot and potentially expose themselves to getting sick more easily.

Mushroom Science CordycepsMushroom Science, Chaga

Cordyceps mushroom is popular amongst athletics. And I can see why, in my experience it clearly enhances endurance and helps muscles to grow, naturally.

Mushroom Science, Cordyceps


Or if you want just one product to test multiple medicinal mushrooms at the same time – I recommend:

New Chapter, Organics, Lifeshield, Mind Force is blend of 5 different medicinal mushrooms:New Chapter, Organics, Lifeshield, Mind Force

Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Poria Cocos, Chaga – In a same product!

***Note: You might wanna know that New Chapter Supplement Company Bought by Monsanto-Linked Proctor & Gamble – So I do not strongly recommend this product anymore. I still leave this here for information. Now I recommend the latter Madre Labs, MushRex Plus Mushroom Complex with Immune Assist for medicinal mushrooms product.

New Chapter, Organics, Lifeshield, Mind Force

Another perhaps better value choice is this blend of 6 different medicinal mushrooms in a capsule Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, Himematsutake, Turkey Tail, Chaga with Camu Camu Berry for Vitamin C to assist in synergy, bioavailability making it absorb better. Higher dosage amount, same serving size, 6 mushrooms and cheaper. Try this for elevated mushroom feel good state!

Madre Labs, MushRex Plus Mushroom Complex with Immune Assist


Medicinal mushrooms are one of the most fantastic and most natural ways to get awesome feeling and great state. These medicinal mushrooms are also one of the best foods on the planet for your health! I have eated medicinal mushrooms in my diet for almost 2 years now, and life has never been better!


Healthy Origins Vitamin DVitamin-D
Optimized Vitamin-D levels are crucial for your health. After I’ve been taking Vitamin-D supplements for long time I see changes on my overall wellbeing and mind state. I simply can’t feel depressed. Think when you’re on the beach holiday and getting sun everyday, you are getting optimized Vitamin-D levels and it’s pumping your state and making you more wellbeing. Now you can get the state from natural Vitamin-D supplements if you don’t get enough sunlight. I’ve used this product for about 3 years now. Simply high quality and potentially the best value on the market. This package lasts 1 year. Unbelievable cheap and good!

People who get enough sun daily, 20 min for unclothed body – do not need vitamin D supplementation. But people who avoids sun for the reason that they do not want a tanned skin(like in many Asian countries) – especially might want to get vitamin D supplements.

Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels


Celtic Sea SaltOne of the most important thing is quality SALT.
Most important thing along with living foods and superfoods is MINERALIZATION. Minerals helps recover. But supermarkets do not sell quality salt.

Get Celtic Sea Salt, propably the best salt around in the world. It has every mineral in it. About 90 different minerals, your table salt has 3 minerals because table salts are poor cheap quality and they are actually BAD for your health. Quality salt is one the most important health promoting things you can have in your diet. You can’t overuse quality salt, because it it is good for your system. Normal supermarket salts are really bad for you. Avoid them.

Celtic Sea Salt – “Doctor Recommended Since 1976.”


If you know the right sources, healthy eating is not anymore expensive thing for you.

If you want, try out some of these great products and take your first step towards the New Healthy You.

If you order from, remember always to ADD Freebie item(free product sample, free of charge) in your order. Check out the iHerb Freebie category. I personally always prefer this tasty Goji berries sample package as my Freebie item, but it’s often out-of-stock so you might want to check the freebie category for some other interesting things.


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Why to order supplements from iHerb?
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iHerb could be actually the cheapest place on the earth for natural supplements and superfoods. Just check this fact by trying to find any product which is less-expensive somewhere else. I guarantee you that it is very hard! These things makes it the #1 option. Delivered to your door.


What is iHerb? Check this cool short video of iHerb company and how iHerb is the REAL deal. This video enforces the thought that iHerb indeed is the best place ever to get your natural supplements and superfoods!

iHerb Cares (new Smart Shippers) iHerb Eco Friendly Initiatives:

Never earlier has it been this easy to replace stuff in your everyday life with better options. And this is what I want for everyone, to get better and more quality life and lifestyle. What you eat is the starting point, the stepping stone towards bigger and better things…

Health & Prosperity

Just imagine days from now using these rare herbs and foods…

Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from improving your life on these areas which will make you more blissfully happy.


” It’s all about us starting to want better (and then again better) things,

crave better cravings,

think higher (and higher) thoughts. “

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. These are only my personal opinions and reviews about the products.

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