Meditation and Extreme Non-Neediness & Doing LESS With Girls

Tyler talks how meditating helps your “game”.

Most people are trapped in a place where they think what people think about them. Give less of a fuck what people think about you.

Tyler of Real Social Dynamics goes how an extreme levels of non-neediness, not just regular non-neediness, creates extreme attraction with girls.

Tyler also notes on how eating well during pregnancy might affect how social, calm and relaxed the child ends up to be. If you have ended up becoming unsocial and weird, your pregnancy propably was full of bad eating.. Ice cream and other crap, being stressed out etc. There’s a whole research behind this. Eat well and be in a a more blissful state, feel good, make a habit of 20 minutes of meditation per day – makes wonders for your state.

Eat naturally to be natural, which, the word natural – means ‘attractive’ to me. When you see a man who has everything down, he is good with people and good with women – he is a natural.

Great short video packed with multiple topics and good points. Great value from this video.

About kehotietoisuus

Kehotietoisuus writer is a person who is on his path to become natural. Following the wisdom of Real Social Dynamics and especially RSD Tyler(Owen Cook), who is a great role model to follow with his habits of positive thoughts, eating superfoods and advocating meditation. I am passionate health and superfood advocate. My vision is to influence as many people as possible to get superfoods and other quality foods on their diet, as a purpose of achieving more quality life for everyone. To learn more about superfoods, click: How To Have A Best Day Possible, Everyday -page from top of the page. View all posts by kehotietoisuus

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