Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Mercola talking about benefits of short term fasting. I often keep monday days as a fast days, monday seems to suit me well after weekends eatings. I’ve only had about 24hours fasts, not longer than that. Have just drank a lot water and always have felt great.

One day fasting is very cool thing to experience once in a while. In the middle of the day you will feel like sliding in to ‘in the moment’ state and stay in that, feeling great.

When you’re fasting, you will also notice how much each day you use time on eating and making food. And it’s cool once in a while to reflect on that and perhaps do some meditation or just work more or do some tasks you have been putting aside, because on fast day you have more time and feel more in the zone. Atleast that’s my experience of 24hour fasts.

See Dr. Mercola, top natural health advocate in the world, talking about the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

See also…

This fantastic video…

David Wolfe talking about fasting in this short 3 minute video:
Ancient Strategy for Living 100+ Years – Go instantly to 0:35 to skip the intro and save that time.

Fasting once in a while is super good for you. But beyond fasting get your eating habits going on the right track!

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Kehotietoisuus writer is a person who is on his path to become natural. Following the wisdom of Real Social Dynamics and especially RSD Tyler(Owen Cook), who is a great role model to follow with his habits of positive thoughts, eating superfoods and advocating meditation. I am passionate health and superfood advocate. My vision is to influence as many people as possible to get superfoods and other quality foods on their diet, as a purpose of achieving more quality life for everyone. To learn more about superfoods, click: How To Have A Best Day Possible, Everyday -page from top of the page. View all posts by kehotietoisuus

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