Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Charisma And Congruence

Tyler aka Owen Cook from Real Social Dynamics(RSD) talks about multiple topics. Extremely funny video. Tyler talks about looks and how looks means zero factor on attracting women.

Great points on congruence and charisma. Just be congruent, be who you are. Girls and people can like you just for you. You don’t have to be some super charismatic dude. Just be normal. Don’t be some lame guy who starts to do something fancy thinking you need to do something special. Just be relaxed.
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About kehotietoisuus

Kehotietoisuus writer is a person who is on his path to become natural. Following the wisdom of Real Social Dynamics and especially RSD Tyler(Owen Cook), who is a great role model to follow with his habits of positive thoughts, eating superfoods and advocating meditation. I am passionate health and superfood advocate. My vision is to influence as many people as possible to get superfoods and other quality foods on their diet, as a purpose of achieving more quality life for everyone. To learn more about superfoods, click: How To Have A Best Day Possible, Everyday -page from top of the page. View all posts by kehotietoisuus

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