Beer, Hops, Estrogen, Sedation of the Population – Why Men Shouldn’t Ever Drink Beer

If you’re a man and want to lower your testosterone levels, grow manboobs, big belly and get more feminine – continue to drink beer. Beer is known as a manly drink, but in actuality beer is perhaps one of the most powerful estrogenic drinks on the Earth.

If you are a man
You shouldn’t ever drink beer which includes hops, and 99% of beers do. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot! For women hops beer is not that big of a problem, because women want anyway to be more feminine and grow bigger breasts. But still hops beer has a sedative effect and it also grows belly tissue. So I would avoid it at all costs.

For men who are out in the bars & clubs
It makes no sense whatsoever to drink beer. You are lowering your testosterone levels, making yourself more feminine and more bitchy. It doesn’t really serve you when you are trying to attract the opposite sex. Also hops beer works as a sedative, making you sleepy. Beer is literally like a sleeping pill. Do you want to get sleepy when you are out in the bars & clubs? For men drinking beer is like shooting yourself on the foot.

Replace all beer drinking with better options, like for example with high quality whiskey drinks. Or keep amplifying your estrogen levels, getting sleepy, growing breast and belly tissue – if you want, by all means, make yourself a beer drinking fat feminine sleepy manboob male. It’s your own choice. But I’m happy to put this information forward if someone finds it valuable.


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Hops beer has estrogenic and sedative effect.

Hops is best known for its use in beer. The majority of physicians and men overlook its potent chemicals and do not realize that beer itself can significantly alter the male androgen levels. German beer makers noticed long ago that the young women who picked hops in the fields commonly experienced early menstrual periods.

Hop pickers in the field would often fall asleep on the job. Female children would begin menstruation much earlier when working in the hop fields.

Eventually, researchers discovered the reason – hops is perhaps one of the most powerfully estrogenic plants on Earth. Just 100 grams of hops (about 3.5 ounces) contains anywhere from thirty thousand to three hundred thousand IUs of estrogen, depending on the type of hops. Most of it is the very potent estrogen estradiol. Estradiol, as it is taken into the male body, causes a direct lowering of testosterone levels in the testes and an increase in SHBG levels, which then binds up even more free testosterone in the bloodstream. The estradiol in hops has also been found to directly interfere with the ability of the testes Leydig cells to produce testosterone. The presence of this highly estrogenic substance in beer is not an accident.


“Prior to the German Beer Purity Act of 1516, beer almost never contained hops. In fact, more than one hundred different plants were used in brewing beer for at least ten thousand years prior to the introduction of hops in the middle ages.

For the last thousand years of that period, the most dominant form of “beer” was called gruit, which contained a mixture of yarrow, bog myrtle, and marsh rosemary. These herbs, especially in beer, are sexually and mentally stimulating. (It is rare to become sleepy when drinking un-hopped beers.)

The Catholic Church had a monopoly on the production of gruit, but competing merchants and the Protestants worked together to break their monopoly and force the removal of all sexually stimulating herbs from beer. They replaced them with an herb that puts the drinker to sleep and dulls sexual drive in the male.

The legislative arguments of the day all hinged on the issue of the stimulating effects of other herbs that were used in beer. A pilsner, for example, was originally a henbane beer (pilsen means “henbane”), which is an incredibly strong, psychoactive beer, used earlier in history by German berserkers before battle. The German Beer Purity Act was, in effect, the first drug control law ever enacted.” From ->


Beer makers who didn’t use hops in their product would have been heavily fined. Was it for product safety? Profit? Control of the masses?


“Beer, so highly touted as sexy in television commercials, in actuality can powerfully inhibit sexual strength in men.

There is a well known condition in England – Brewer’s Droop – that occurs from middle-aged brewers’ extensive handling of hops plants. The plant chemistries readily transmit through the men’s skin just as they did in the young women in the fields.

Very few physicians have looked at any correlation between beer drinking and androgen levels or erectile dysfunction problems in their patients. (How many men on Viagra are heavy beer drinkers?) However, the physician Eugene Shippen in The Testosterone Syndrome comments that one of his patients undergoing pharmaceutical testosterone replacement therapy, showed no response to the testosterone until he reduced his beer intake to one or two beers a night from six to seven.

Hops is extremely potent and its consumption should be limited if not completely excluded during all androgen replacement therapy.” From ->

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